I want …

I want to express my depression without being shamed. I want to cry out loud without being told to shut up.

I want to have fun at the club and be able to walk home at night without being murdered.

Iwant to say no and make it stop when I am being raped.

I want to be heard when I say I am being molested.

I don’t want to be shamed when I tell the police I have been raped. I don’t want to be asked what I was wearing or why I was there.

I want to be free to wear what I like without being slut-shamed.

I am a woman asking for respect for who I am, not for what I look like in my pictures on Instagram.

Ask me what my number is once more and I swear I could kill you with an evil look.

No I don’t need a man to gain your respect.I gained my respect the day I was born, the moon called me daughter and blessed me with melanin-skin. My dark skin does not make me less valuable. It gives me roots of my ancestors, it’s a gift they passed on. I am not here to steal your job… I’m here to make my family proud.


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