Do you remember when you were little? All the hopes you had, the dreams about wanting to grow up and be happy. Don’t forget about all the friends you wanted to have fun with. Not the nasty fun, I’m talking about spending time with them and having a good laugh.

Im almost 30 years old now and my hopes are below the floor. My happiness is not happening and my friends… well most of them are in hell.

Some of my dreams are becoming true, though I’m not enjoying them like I thought I would. That little girl can barely fight this sad woman face. She can’t stop crying but she does not want to give up on her happiness.

She is still hurting and still thinking about the stupid decisions she made in the past. But hey who doesn’t right?

She stopped hanging out with fake friends, took her pills and started working on her dreams. It doesn’t matter if nobody believes in her, she will still make shit happen!

It may not be obvious, but nonetheless to say that girl is me… and the fake friend is you.

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